FREE COVID-19 RT-PCR testing for the underserved and the staff taking care of the underservedin Nationwide.  This includes people that are homeless, low-income individuals, victims of domestic abuse, mentally impaired, family conflict, released prisoners trying to rebuild their life, the unemployed with no place to live, and people who have experienced other personal hardships.

Results always within 12 hours from receipt of sample at our lab.

Order a Test

Saliva sampling is very convenient and allows testing of the biologically active part of the hormone and genetic marker compared to the testing in other specimens. Order

How to Collect Sample

To maintain our commitment to provide accurate and reliable lab testing, we provide a short instructional video and downloadable instructions that show how to properly collect your saliva sample for accurate result.

What We Do

We specialize in blood and saliva testing, we employ the most advanced and innovative technique that helps the healthcare practitioners and patients achieve healthy lifestyle goals. Our goal is to provide the health care professional and patient non-invasive tests.

In addition to Covid testing we do testing related to the following:

Hormone Imbalance

Women’s Vitality

Memory lapses

Difficulty sleeping

Allergy testing

Weight Management

Skin Vitality

Decreased sex drive


Adrednal Stress               


Mood swings

Memory impairment


Overly Stressed

Men’s Vitality


Increased PMS

Excess Belly Fat

Concentration Issues

Innovation in Personalized Medicine

Adrenal Dysfunction

Accurate & Reliable Adrenal Stress Hormone testing reveal the effect of adrenal imbalance to long term health and well being.

Fitness Optimizing

Excessive exercising may result in “overtraining syndrome” potentially leading to adverse physiological and psychological symptoms.

Highest Quality and Highest Standards

Our Lab is CLIA-certified as a high complexity.  All specimens are processed at our US laboratory in Los Angeles County. All data analysis is performed on local computers in Los Angeles County.

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) License # 05D2065162

California Clinical Laboratory LicenseCLF 00344480